Humble Fightwear Review – BJJ Rash Guards

A great rash guard will make a big difference to your BJJ training. They will keep you comfortable and fresh during long periods of sweaty training and competition. This means that you’ll be able to train more efficiently and increase your performance. The best rash guards will also have an antimicrobial lining to defend against infections.

A good rash guard will also be made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of training and fighting. Some rash guards are even made with reinforced stitching, so that they won’t tear easily no matter how hard you hit them or how much abrasion they get during fights.

Some of these rash guards are also made to be durable, so that you can wear them for many years without having to replace them. This is a great way to save money on your gi and rash guards, and will allow you to continue using them for years to come!

The sizing is very well done, and the fabric feels extremely lightweight. The trim is also very unique, as it combines a rubber elastic with a trim around the waistline to prevent the rash guard from riding up on your stomach during intense training sessions. This is a very useful feature, and we want to see more companies implement this type of design in their rash guards.

If you’re looking for a quality BJJ rash guards, Humble Fightwear is a great place to start. They sell a wide range of top-quality gis, rash guards and no-gi gear at an affordable price point.

They also offer excellent customer service, with a no-hassle return policy on all items ordered. The company is run by two entrepreneurs who have a passion for BJJ, and they’re dedicated to helping BJJ athletes of all levels find the right gear for their needs.

Besides the high-quality rash guards that they sell, Humble Fightwear also offers some other excellent equipment for training and competing in MMA and BJJ. The brand also has an extensive selection of BJJ gloves, as well as a range of other martial arts and fitness gear.

Some of their rash guards are IBJJF certified, which means that they’re safe to use in official BJJ tournaments. This is an important factor to consider when buying a rash guard for competition, as it ensures that the product is up to standard.

Venum is a popular name in the martial arts industry, and they produce a wide variety of high-quality rash guards and other training equipment. These rash guards are available at a great price and will be perfect for anyone who is looking for a good rash guard that’s durable enough to handle the rigorous training involved in martial arts.

The Gladiator 3.0 rash guard uses Venum’s compression technology to improve blood circulation, which helps to decrease recovery time and quicken your reflexes during rolls. It also features dry technology in its fabric, which will help wick away excess moisture and cool your body.

BJJ Rash Guards From Raven Fightwear and Elite Sports

If you’re a fan of videogames, you can get your mitts on a cool rash guard that pays homage to one of the most popular series ever. Raven Fightwear’s Pac-Man rash guard is available in both men’s and women’s sizes, making it ideal for the female martial artist looking to stand out from the crowd at the club or competition.

This rash guard bjj is made from a polyester and spandex material. This combination provides stretch, but also helps keep the rash guard from riding up too much during training and competitions. The fabric is also lightweight, so it’s breathable and comfortable to wear.

The front of the rash guard is designed in the style of the classic Pac-Man video game, featuring large pixelated fruit that Pac-Man comes across on his journey and ghost enemies Pinky (pink), Inky (blue), Clyde (orange) and Blinky (red). The back of the rash guard features a big yellow Pac-Man mouth and his oh-so-cute little buddies clinging on for dear life to him.

I was impressed by the attention to detail on this rash guard and it’s worth buying if you’re a fan of the Pac-Man video game. The design is superb and the materials used are high quality, ensuring that it lasts.

There are plenty of great designs on this rash guard, and it’s easy to find something that suits your unique style. There are even some really quirky ones, such as My Little Brony, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Egyptian god Anubis!

For those who are looking for an affordable rash guard, the Elite Sports BJJ/MMA Rash Guard is a good choice. It’s made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex, and it’s a budget-friendly option for beginners.

The Elite Sports rash guard has a few interesting features, such as a gel pad and sublimated designs. It’s also a great gi to train in and is IBJJF legal. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more stylish and durable, I’d recommend the XMartial rash guard instead.

XMartial sells many different epic designs, including some ranked rashguards. Their anti-slip gel pad and sublimated designs make them well worth the money.

This rash guard is a great choice for the beginner martial artist looking to compete in the IBJJF. It’s made from 90% polyester and 5% spandex, and it feels good to wear during training.

It’s IBJJF legal, but it’s not a good choice for the more advanced grappler looking to compete in the sport. The anti-slip gel pad doesn’t hold the rash guard in place well, so it tends to ride up after a session of training. It’s also a bit thin compared to other rash guards, and it doesn’t feel as durable as the ones from XMartial.

Atlas is a jiu jitsu gear and lifestyle brand that sells a range of limited edition gis, as well as non-limited edition gis and no gi rash guards, shorts and compression gear. Its Evo gi is light but strong, making it ideal for training on warm days.

Humble Fightwear Gis and Other BJJ Clothing

Humble Fightwear is a brand founded by two BJJ enthusiasts who saw the need for good quality gis and no gi gear at an affordable price. Since its inception it has become a popular Australian brand selling a variety of gis and other fightwear in Australia as well as globally.


As an athlete you will need to train with a BJJ gi, so it’s important that the gi you buy is high-quality and meets your needs. It should fit tight and be comfortable, but still allow you to move freely without any limitations. The fabric should also be durable enough to withstand the rigors of jiu-jitsu training.

There are a lot of different gi weaves to choose from, but the most common is cotton twill. This is a strong and heavily textured fabric that is preferred by most jiu-jitsu practitioners because it lasts longer than other fabrics, especially after multiple washes. Its durability makes it a great choice for competitive athletes, although it is not as comfortable as other gi fabrics.

Bamboo is a great alternative to cotton because it doesn’t shrink after repeated washings, and it has some interesting properties that help it absorb sweat. In addition, it is also eco-friendly and odor resistant.

BJJ Shorts

A great pair of BJJ clothing should be durable, lightweight and comfortable to wear. They should also have high-quality stitching and inner thigh stretch panels to ensure you can move freely and comfortably.

They should also have a comfortable elastic waistband that doesn’t cut into your waist when you are training or rolling. They should also have slits in the legs for easy movement when your opponent puts you in half guard.

The bottom of the gi pants should feature the IBJJF logo. They should be sewn securely to the gi and should match the color of the top and bottom of your gi.

You should also check the belt that comes with your gi to make sure it matches. If it doesn’t, you might need to change it.

Patches on your gi are allowed as long as they are completely sewn into the gi and in an approved patch area. The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) sets strict guidelines for competition gis and has specific regulations on the color and placement of patches.

The Pro Light Gi by Vulkan is one of the best light-weight gis on the market today. It is a great option for beginners or less experienced athletes.

Its design is very similar to the popular gi from the same company, but Vulkan has added some unique features that stand out from the crowd. The shoulders and hip patches on the Pro Light gi feature the flags from all of the major countries associated with jiu-jitsu. The bottom of the shoulder and hip patches feature the evolution of jiu-jitsu which is another unique touch that will be sure to grab attention in the gi pit.

Top King’s Monkey shirt is a cool design that uses the Bangkok logo and the Thai flag colors. The front of the shirt features a picture of a half monkey, half Thai giant fighter and the back of the shirt has a large circle with the Bangkok logo on top of it and the slogan “The Spirit of the Fighter” and “Top King Muay Thai” written underneath. The t-shirt comes in black or white and is available in small, medium and large.

Buying Jiu Jitsu Clothing From Humble Fightwear

If you’re a Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, then you know how important it is to have good quality jiu jitsu clothing. It can help you to train in comfort, improve your technique and even give you confidence to take part in competitions.

Choosing a Jiu Jitsu Gi

The first step in choosing a gi is to find one that is made of a good quality fibre. A good gi will be lightweight, durable and comfortable to wear.

You should also consider a gi that is IBJJF legal. This will ensure that it can be used at tournaments, workshops and training sessions without being banned.

Another consideration is the colour of the gi. A gi that is in the same colour as your belt will make it easier to keep track of which one you’re wearing during competitions.

It’s also a good idea to get a gi that has an adjustable waistband, as this will mean that you don’t have to worry about it falling too loose on your waist.

A quality gi is a must have for any BJJ practitioner, and there are many options out there to choose from. Some of the most popular brands include Tatami, Fenom, Gold, Versus and Fuji.

Tatami is a well-known brand in the world of jiu jitsu and martial arts. The brand sells a range of gis and other gear, including rashguards, shorts, hoodies and t-shirts.

They also offer free shipping across Australia.

Their gis are available in a wide variety of colours, and they have several models that can be bought for children. They also offer a range of t-shirts and hoodies, including some that have a jiu jitsu theme.

Buying a new gi is an important investment, so it’s worth spending a little more to make sure that you are getting a high-quality product. If you are buying a gi for the first time, then it’s a good idea to invest in one that is lightweight and is preshrunk.

A good gi will also have an adjustable waistband, which will make it easier to keep track of which size you are wearing during competitions.

It’s important to choose a gi that will suit your body type. This is especially important if you’re a woman, as it’s often difficult to find a gi that will fit properly and still be comfortable.

The Fenom Dark Blue Pearl Weave is a very minimal gi that will fit most bodies, and it has some nice embroidered detailing on each shoulder. It’s also very lightweight and preshrunk, making it ideal for travelling.

Lastly, the Fenom Dark Blue Pearl Weave is IBJJF legal and has triple stitched reinforcements. It also has a quick-drying lapel.

Humble Fightwear is a brand that focuses on making fight gear and BJJ gear affordable. Their gis are available in a range of different colours and sizes, and they offer free shipping throughout Australia. They also sell a range of no gi gear, strength training equipment and functional fitness equipment.

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