Buying Merino Wool Thermals From Aklanda Australia

Aklanda Australia has been designing and producing quality knitwear since 1988, building its label as one of the most recognised woolen jumper brands in Australia. The brand understands what Australian consumers want and delivers on that promise with its range of quality woolen jumpers for men.

Merino wool is a natural fibre with a host of attributes that make it ideal for the outdoors. It is naturally breathable, resists odour, and retains warmth even when damp. It also has anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

The main advantage of merino wool thermals is their ability to wick moisture away from the skin, which helps keep you dry and comfortable. This is a natural property of the fibre and is a major advantage over synthetic fabrics, which are notoriously poor at this task.

Despite its inherent benefits, merino wool can be expensive. The cheapest merino base layers can easily run into the hundreds of dollars, and you’ll also want to factor in the cost of replacing them over time (which is often more than the initial purchase price).

Synthetics are cheaper than merino but they can be more difficult to clean and tend to have less durability. This is why many brands have begun experimenting with a blend of merino wool and synthetic fabrics to improve the performance of their thermals.

Some of the most impressive merino blends have come from brands like Patagonia, who have combined their Capilene polyester fabric with merino wool to create baselayers that are as warm as a 100-percent merino shirt and offer the moisture-wicking and odour resistance of synthetics. Others have blended merino with polyester and nylon to achieve a performance that’s hard to match without the added cost of using wool.

The best merino base layers are made from fine or superfine merino wool, which are soft, highly insulating and incredibly breathable. This is because the fibers are so thin that they trap a lot of air, which makes it feel surprisingly light and comfortable next to your skin.

When shopping for a new merino base layer, choose a size and colour that suits your body shape. The brand you choose should offer a wide range of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit.

Most merino wool thermals can be machine-washed, although hand-washing is recommended in order to preserve the fabric’s integrity and reduce the risk of shrinking. Tumble drying is not advised as it will damage the fibres.

If you’re planning on wearing a merino thermal in cold conditions, you should choose a midweight to heavyweight thermal that will be comfortable when worn for extended periods of time. We would recommend the Icebreaker 260 Tech Crew Top or the XTM 230 Merino Thermal as these are both excellent options for Australian hiking and camping conditions.

The most important thing is to stay warm and comfortable. The ideal thermal base layer is one that keeps you dry and cosy while allowing your body’s natural warmth to circulate, making it a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Aklanda Australia Merino Thermals – The Perfect Base Layer For Hiking, Climbing Or Camping

Our range of merino thermals are designed for your comfort, whether you’re hiking, climbing or camping. We make the highest quality products using 100% Australian merino wool that’s grown and made locally in Tasmania.

The best base layers for cold conditions are made from natural fabrics like merino wool. These materials are known for their odour resistance, warmth and comfort. Some brands are now experimenting with blends of synthetic fabric with merino to create the perfect base layer for cold weather.

Choosing the right base layer for your hiking adventure can be difficult. There are many different factors to consider, such as the weather condition, length of your hike and whether you want to sleep in a tent.

Most hikers prefer a midweight to heavyweight merino thermal base layer that is comfortable to wear while you’re hiking and at camp. It should also be breathable and moisture-wicking enough to keep you dry.

One of the most popular base layers for hiking is the Patagonia Capilene Air. It is lightweight and odour resistant, but it’s not as warm as a merino thermal base layer.

For my own use, I prefer a 170 g lightweight merino thermal for hiking and a 260 g heavyweight thermal for camping in cold conditions. These thermals are great for both hot and cold temperatures, although they can become a little too warm in warmer climates.

I love the way these merino thermals feel on my skin, they are soft and incredibly smooth. They also wick away sweat from the skin and keep me cool while hiking in cooler conditions.

They are very easy to wash, just put them in the washing machine with a mild detergent and run the wash cycle. It’s a good idea to hand-wash them if possible as this will take less of a toll on the fabric and help it to maintain its shape over time.

When you’re ready to re-wash your merino thermal, hang it to dry as tumble-drying will ruin most wool fabrics. Once it’s completely dry, you can re-wear it.

A lightweight merino thermal can be worn as a single layer or underneath a fleece or down jacket for maximum temperature control on your next adventure. It can also be layered under a rain jacket for extra comfort on wet days.

You can’t go wrong with a midweight merino thermal for your next hiking adventure! This base layer is lightweight and odour resistant, making it ideal for both hot and cold conditions.

These merino thermals are also super-soft and comfortable to wear, so you’ll be happy you picked them out! They’re also machine-washable so they won’t lose their shape over time.

If you’re looking for a heavier base layer, you can try the Wilderness Wear Merino Max. This base layer has a fabric weight of 260 g and is the perfect weight for keeping you warm while sleeping in your tent or at camp in an Australian winter.

The Benefits of Merino Wool Clothing

A little bit of merino wool can go a long way

One of the most advanced wool industries in the world, Australia is home to a network of dedicated merino breeders who have been selectively breeding and improving merino sheep since 1797. They have perfected the fine merino fiber that is used in all of our merino wool clothing to create apparel that will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable in a variety of weather conditions.

Merino wool’s benefits are vast and versatile, from its ability to trap odor to its insulating qualities, making it the best choice for many types of clothing, including athletic wear and outdoor gear. It’s also incredibly easy to care for, which means it can be worn year-round and made last longer, making it an ideal material for travel.

The newest generation of merino wool fabrics are ultra-lightweight and compressible, meaning they can pack down to a tiny size that makes them easy to travel with. They’re also moisture wicking and breathable, so they’ll breathe well even in extreme conditions.

They can also withstand a flame, which is important for most types of outdoor gear. While some synthetic materials like nylon and polyester melt at around 320 degrees, wool can withstand up to 452 degrees.

The finer merino wool is also surprisingly warm and soft for such a fine fiber. The tiny crimps and bends in the fibers create air pockets, which help to trap heat, keeping you warmer and softer than a standard wool sweater.

It’s also a natural UV blocker, which can help protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. Depending on how it’s spun and dyed, it can offer UPF 20+ protection, which is great for the active outdoors.

Another benefit of merino wool is that it’s a natural odor inhibitor, which is great for those with sensitive noses. This explains why Merino wool is often used as an antibacterial layer for clothing to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

A little bit of merino wool is also an excellent way to stay cool during activity, as it transports sweat away from the skin as a vapor. Synthetic fabrics don’t wick sweat as quickly or as effectively, so it can get trapped on the skin and make you clammy and cold.

The best thing about merino wool is that it’s made from renewable fibres, so there’s no need to worry about wearing out your apparel in the near future. You can rest assured that your merino wool products will be worn and loved for years to come.

Aklanda Australia

Aklanda Australia is a company that produces quality clothing and accessories made from fabrics created from Australian mulesing-free Merino wool. All garments are machine washable and made with premium 100% Australian merino wool that is specifically grown for the use in fine clothing, meaning you can be sure that your merino clothes will last.

Our merino wool clothes and other items are designed and made with the unique natural properties of Australian Merino in fantastic colours and styles to suit all tastes for work, travel and play – naturally!

We make a range of breathable merino base layers, thermals, outdoor clothing and accessories – all grown & sewn locally by our family & friends. Using the finest 100% Australian wool, we create stylish, high-performance breathable merino thermals and base layers that offer comfort, breathability and performance when you’re outdoors in hot and cold climates!

Unlike synthetics and cotton, wool is an entirely natural fibre that can be grown in the ground year round by Merino sheep. These sheep graze the hills of New Zealand and Australia, consuming grass, water, fresh air and sunshine to deliver a new fleece harvest every year.

The wool fibres grow spontaneously without the need for human intervention, and once harvested they decompose naturally and return nutrients to the soil and to the environment. This makes the natural fibres of Australian merino wool a renewable, healthy and sustainable resource for our planet.

It is the world’s most versatile and resilient fibre, and a great choice for next-to-skin apparel such as luxury knitwear. It also helps regulate temperature, absorbs moisture and provides odour protection.

Our merino wool clothing is the perfect choice for travelling as it keeps you warm while you sleep, preventing chafing and keeping your body cool and dry. Our merino wool clothes are easy to care for as they release moisture quickly, allowing you to hang them on the line or put them in the machine for quick drying – no ironing required!

When compared to other natural fibres such as cotton, merino wool is very soft and comfortable. It has a silky soft feel that is lightweight and very odour resistant.

In addition to being odour resistant and antibacterial, merino is extremely durable and hardwearing, retaining its shape even after repeated washing. Our merino wool clothing is also abrasion resistant, reducing the risk of skin irritations, chafing and rips, allowing you to stay active in all weather conditions.

We also carry a wide range of men’s merino basics in a variety of different styles and colours. From our merino wool base layers and thermals, to our merino wool jumpers and merino hoodies.

Our merino clothes Australia are made from the finest merino wool, sourced from local farmers and woolgrowers who practice ethical farming practices. These farms employ sustainable farming methods, reducing their impact on the environment by using less fuel and water in growing merino wool, as well as producing more nutrient-rich pasture.

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